A Multi-Disciplined and Fresh Approach

Work With Your Brain LLCSM provides Creative Solutions for the Built EnvironmentSM. WWYB combines museum, exhibit, industrial and environmental design, practical and ergonomic engineering, varied materials, meticulous attention to fabrication and installation, tight coordination with other members of the design and construction team, and sensitivity to the needs of each client.

To achieve successful projects, WWYB focuses on value-engineered design, specification, quality-control, management, and supervision. Its President, Steve Samuels, brings approximately 30 years of management, consulting, and hands-on expertise to the company.

WWYB incorporates, integrates, and coordinates diverse building materials and disciplines into cohesive, finished products. This is accomplished while respecting design intent, mechanical and material concerns, schedule, budget, maintenance, and product usefulness.

Work With Your Brain LLCSM provides engaging design, attention to detail, coordination with various trades on site and with project team members, and extensive knowledge of structural issues. These proven capabilities are integrated with knowledge of exciting exhibit materials and techniques, multi-media, mechanical displays, keen awareness of the critical-path, and cost-effective approaches to handling, delivery, and installation.

We bridge the disciplines of the permanently built environment with thematic, exhibit, and fixture design and fabrication. OUR GOAL IS TO TURN IMAGINATION INTO REALIZATION.



Steve SamuelsSteve Samuels combines an eclectic array of influences and expertise to make Work With Your Brain LLCSM multi-discliplined and adaptable to client’s needs.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he was keenly aware of, and fascinated with, the sights and sounds of his urban and industrialized environment. This grew into a passion for architectural salvage, urban archaeology, porcelain advertising signs, trains, Americana collectibles, industrial and environmental design, photography and drumming.

After studying communication design and sculpture at Parsons School of Design, Mr. Samuels blended his aesthetic sense and love of spatial problem solving with acquired skills in building trades, becoming a cabinetmaker in shops fabricating architectural woodwork, exhibits, and displays. He gained critical understanding of the interrelation between time, cost, and quality during years as a shop and site foreman, field superintendent, general manager, and project manager.

In 1989, Mr. Samuels incorporated his design and applied experience into a consultancy keyed primarily toward architectural woodwork, sharing practical applications of the details, methods, and specifications necessary to achieve successful woodwork projects. He was a Professional member of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), published articles in technical journals, and lectured nationwide including to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the New York Society of Architects (NYSA).

Steve Samuels joined a large international exhibit house as project manager in 1995, and subsequently became a founding member and Sr. VP Production of a new display company in 1997, helping over the next five years to build a multi-million dollar organization.

Work With Your Brain LLCSM was born from the desire to synthesize a comprehensive knowledge of building materials and methods with Creative Solutions for the Built EnvironmentSM. The company provides its clients with scalable, seamless integration of design, project management, fabrication, and installation services, utilizing expertise, strategic resources and business alliances developed over the past 35 years.