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Experience Music Project- Monumental Projection Screens

Work With Your Brain

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Sony Wega- Traveling Exhibits

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Brooklyn Bridge Underpass- Environmental Lighting

“Cold Hearth” Illuminated Door- Kinetic Functional Artwork

  This functional room divider is firstly a work of art designed by Joan Waltemath. Linnea Tillet of Tillet Lighting Design worked closely with Joan on the development of the piece, as artificial light is as important to the 24-hour cycle of the changing appearances of this artwork as is daylight. Steve Samuels and Work…

WWYB- For Young People- Who Can Do This Work?

Steve Samuels of Work With Your Brain LLC talks about the exciting industry of exhibit design and fabrication. It takes a diverse group of creative individuals and other professionals to make successful exhibits. The range of personality types, skills, and interests required provides many opportunities- particularly for young people starting out. If you’re the kind…

Work With Your Brain Background Video

Steve Samuels of Work With Your Brain, LLC, discusses some of the diverse projects handled by the company.